About Us

We are a home decor shop. We love all things that make a house a home. Growing up, I can remember all the decor that adorned the walls of my family members. Those "knick-knacks" made their homes unique to them. And the different styles of decor that each had stuck with me throughout my life and I still remember them today.  

Making something beautiful that adds that special touch to your space (whether it be inside or out) and seeing the smile on my customer's faces when they get that one of a kind item that they've wanted is incredibly satisfying.  

We are a small team that takes pride in every item we create.  We want you to love your item as much as we loved making it.  

Meet the team:

I'm Kim. I'm the designer and creator of your custom item.  

Say Hello to Cecil!  He's our CHO (Chief Husband Officer). He plays an integral role in getting your perfect design completed. He is our "Little bit of everything" man. From running to the fabric store, hardware or home supply store, he makes sure we have what we need at a moment's notice.

Faith: Our CEO (Chief Enforcement Officer). She makes sure all other employees stay "On task" & proudly shows her serious side to ensure that compliance is adhered to. When not working, she can usually be found on the couch and exhibits great resolve in not leaving said couch for days on end.

Kali:  CFO (Chief Frolicking Officer). Responsible for team building & reminding others to have fun. She is often leaping about & irritating her fellow workers. She can usually be found assisting the CHO as she likes to travel.


Bo: CCO (Chief Couch Officer).  Responsible for carrying needed (and not needed) items to & fro. His ability to carry large logs and invoke fear of broken toes to human team members ensures that all stay alert. Bo enjoys eating and can be found at his "spot" on the couch.


Bailey: CDO (Chief Destruction Officer). She is passionate about recycling. She can take any item (glasses, wreaths, furniture) & shred it! She is strong in her conviction to remove most any item that she feels isn't necessary. She is our newest intern and is still working on what "necessary" really means!

We look forward to making your home uniquely yours!